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Factoids about the Kardashian Marriage from the Guardian newspaper

November 2, 2011

• How many months K & K knew each other before getting engaged: 6
• How many months they were engaged: 3
• How much Kim made from the wedding thanks to magazine deals, etc:$17.9m
• How much she therefore made per hour of the 72-day marrige, as calculated by New York Times’ investigative journalist Don van Natta Jr:$10,358.80
• The current minimum wage in California: $8 an hour
• How many hours the E! special of their wedding lasted: 4
• How many months E! spent promoting the wedding, daily: 3
• How many months they were actually married: 2½
• Kim & K’s wedding cost: $10m
• Donald Trump’s last wedding: $1m
• Price tag on one vase on K & K’s wedding list: $7,500
• How much the wedding cake cost: $6,000
• How many Vera Wang wedding dresses Kim had for the wedding: 3
• How much each wedding dress cost: $20,000
• How much her mother Kris spent on a face lift for the wedding: $50,000


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