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QDROs – Division of Pensions FAQs

September 30, 2011

1. What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

2. What is a Domestic Relations Order?

3. Must a Domestic Relations Order be issued by a state court?

4. Who can be an Alternate Payee?

5. What information must a domestic relations order contain to qualify as a QDRO under ERISA?

6. Are there other requirements that a domestic relations order must meet to be a QDRO?

7. May a QDRO be part of the divorce decree or property settlement?

8. Must a domestic relations order be issued as part of a divorce proceeding to be a QDRO?

9. Will a domestic relations order fail to be a QDRO solely because of the timing of issuance?

10. May a QDRO provide for payment to the guardian of an alternate payee?

11. Can a QDRO cover more than one plan?

12. Must all QDROs have the same provisions?

13. Who determines whether an order is a QDRO?

14. Who is the administrator of the plan?

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